I am selling ip8id.com, p8id.com, and it8id.com to the highest bidder. I would love to work with Chinese investors, angel investors, large companies and corporations. If you have any suggestions, inquiries, evaluations, etc. please email me as I want to work with the best.

My sales pitch: ip8id- Need a brand? ip and id are visually appealing in and of themselves, yet they are also perfectly separated by the lucky number 8. A display of asymmetrical symmetry. Easy to Flip, script, and depict as your own. Great for anything involving money “i paid” or  “ip aid” for all the tech heads out there. You will definitely get paid with a name like this. Whether you pronounce it “ip eight id” or “i paid”. It is short, catchy, and memorable. Leave your mark on your field today!

Buy one, get two high quality sought after domains included in price/purchase. 3-for-1 deal doesn’t get any better; may be able to sale separately for reasonable offer; (it8id.com)- pronounced “it aid” and (p8id.com)

contact me: jesstheinvestor@gmail.com for pricing

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